Vehicle Verification

Before you buy a vehicle make sure that the inspection is done well to check whether the vehicle is stolen or registered.

You don’t want to go home with a stolen vehicle or waste your hard-earned money by buying a stolen vehicle which is why it’s important to examine and do a complete inspection of the vehicle before you buy it.

We are a vehicle verification company that provides end to end vehicle verification online to check that the vehicle you are purchasing will be a wise transaction.

Vehicle Verification Importance
  • It should be in proper condition so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs in the future.
  • The vehicle should be registered so you don’t run into any legal problems later in life.
  • It should not have any pending challans or lacking with any document to avoid legal trouble during police checks.
  • The vehicle should be genuine and not stolen.

Saving valuable time and energy so you get complete assurance of the vehicle purchase.

What We Offer


Documents Required

Individual/Partnership firm/Company (Public & Private) (Indian & Foreign)

 RC of Vehicle or Invoice in case of New Vehicle
 Aadhar card of the Vehicle Owner
 Vehicle Owner Photograph (If available)
 Vehicle Photograph
 Passport/Driving Licence of the owner
 Insurance Policy (If Any)
 VFAST Consent Form