Tenant Verification

Tenant Verification

Don’t rent your house to just about anyone and make sure who’s taking your home for rent is really trustworthy through police verification of tenants.

You need to know that the person you are renting your home or flat is not involved with illicit activities and is not faking the residential address.

We are a tenant verification service firm and we will help you verify the home address of the tenants along with a basic tenant background verification.

Don’t fall prey to tenant related fraud and stay 10 steps ahead of the drama with our professional background screening services.

We give you a complete insight into the applicant’s history so you know whom you are giving your home to and how safe is your property and whether the tenant will be able to pay your rent in time or not.

You never know how you may become a victim of fraud and may bump into a tenant who is not able to pay rent on time.

Why should you consider a tenant verification?

There are several reasons why should you consider a tenant background check other than the fact that it makes your rental decisions easy:

  • It’s mandatory to conduct these background checks under the section IPC-88
  • To get assurance that the tenant will pay rent on time and shouldn’t breach the rental agreement.
  • To ensure the safety of landlords
  • To secure police verification for the tenants before renting out the property
Tenant Verification
Tenant Verification
Services we provide:
  • Full income verification: We will perform a complete full income verification to check whether the applicant is financially stable.
  • Current and previous landlord checks: By checking the relationship of the applicant with the current and previous landlords, we will ensure their character and reputation.
  • Residential address verification: We will send our local surveyor to check whether the home address is real or not and whether the applicant is faking documents.
  • Rental agreement verification: We do previous rental agreements verification possibly if it is made by the previous landlords and the same is provided by the tenant.
  • Reference checks: We go through the reference checks of the tenant behavior, living style and PR status with the neighbors.
  • Criminal background check: We provide the tenant background criminal check only on landlord demand with an additional service fee.

What We Offer


Documents Required


 PAN card of Tenant
 Aadhar card of the Tenant
 Passport/Driving Licence of the owner
 Previous Rent Agreement (If Any)
 VFAST Consent Form