Bride/Groom Verification

Tying the knot with your dream guy or girl?

What if your fantasy turns out to be a nightmare because you got stuck in an abusive relationship? Marriages are made in heaven and heaven is here on earth, at your own verification company that takes care of all examination/verification in matters of marriage

We are a pre-matrimonial investigation verification company that provides complete end to end verification service for checking credentials and qualification of Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be. Get complete marriage verification done to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a bad marriage.

As a parent, you want to be sure about who you are marrying your children to and further ensure that the person who joins your family is of reputation and worthy.

VFAST Bride & Groom Verification Valuation Process:
  • We confirm that the family background of the accurate as provided by the Bride to be/Groom to be therefore ensuring that the Bride/Groom you pick is comes with zero baggage.
  • We further check that the income claimed by the subject is really the earned income especially in the cases of Grooms to be as it might affect the financial stability of the couple.
  • We also do behavioral verification to analyze that there won’t be any problems in future.
  • We will verify father’s business details too.

In addition to miscellaneous details, we further examine the qualification and other sensitive details of the Bride-to-be and the Groom-to-be.

Verifications our matrimonial detective agency provide as part of Bride and Groom verification:
  • Particulars Validation: We will verify the personal particulars of the candidate and make sure that information yielded is correct.
  • Address Verification: We will confirm that the addresses provided by the candidates are accurate.
  • Family Verification: Our background verification company will verify your family and check everything concerning social background to ensure that your child is marrying into a good family.
  • Employment- Salary: It’s important to verify the earning capacity of the candidate and ensure that they are earning as they say they are. Catching lies is integral when it comes to financial stability since a lot of people lie on their marriage bidet.
  • Social Media: Our pre matrimonial investigation company check the kind of content your Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be post online to check what kind of activities they are involved in.
  • Social Reputation and criminal verification: We will check with neighbors regarding the criminal and social background of the subject through informal gathering of information.

What We Offer


Documents Required

Bride or Groom

 PAN card
 Aadhar Card
 Passport/Driving Licence
 Educational Proof (Certificate)
 Income Proof (ITR or Salary Receipt)
 Divorce Deed (in case of Already Divorce)
 Social Account ID Details (If Available)
 VFAST Consent Form