VFAST has challenging assignments, a world-class friendly work environment & a workplace full of energy. VFAST provides the right mix of professional challenges, knowledge and totally amusing at work. VFAST gives its employees ample opportunity to be a part of the world-class leadership development business. It also encourages the cross-functional movement for its employees to gain meaningful and learning exposure.

VFAST is a highly energetic company filled with people who want to be challenged and rewarded for the meeting of those challenges. Strong and unified teams, a tranquil but disciplined environment and a never say die spirit makes everyone feel the solidarity at the workplace. Regular pieces of trainings and practices by the senior experts to enhance the team’s realm knowledge and keep them abreast of the latest business tools.

VFAST is the fastest leading and evolving verification product by FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd. It’s emerging rapidly and making an impact in the background verification sector. We have various background check services which are the most comprehensive and authentic services required in the market.

We have a dedicated and optimum useful Human Resource who creates a friendly environment for the new employee and provides the best support & help. VFAST has an adequate company and H.R policies which make this company a unique & reliable.

VFAST has a friendly and learning culture which bonds everyone to work together and help each other with profound interest. We create a healthy and positive work environment that helps the team to work peacefully and deliver 100%. We have always great inductions and celebrations regarding the achievements, birthday’s, etc. which motivates not only the new comers but also the entire team members.

VFAST has a great strength of manpower which designates that it’s growing and progressing towards success rapidly. It is accomplishing its goals and targets consecutively. VFAST takes care of everything which an employee basically expects from a company in his/her tenure. VFAST provides the best training and with the best tech support to execute your prime strategies for business success and for personal career growth. Simply, it’s just the best place to work within this company.