What is an Employment Enrollment?

It’s a practice of employee background verification for the employment worthiness and the work history of present employees. Recruiters can often verify the employees preceding to their recruitment or promoting them to ensure that their employment education, history and other details should match the information provided by the employee.


The employer must acquire approval before they conduct an employee background verification. Candidates can contradict the authorization to contact a previous employer, but yet they can be asked to afford the documentation such as Salary slips, Bank Statements, Work Experience letter, or etc. The same is factual when an employer cannot be grasped, such as those that are no longer in business.

The ideal method is to verify the complete employment background verification and to analyze the related experience letters and pay slips of each of the employees. This means communicating the earlier or the existing employer and receiving the verification directly from the HR department.

Features can be requested on the various points: -

  • Duration of employment
  • Designation
  • Salary
  • Reporting manager details
  • Performance and professionalism
  • Reason of leaving
  • Eligibility of rehiring
  • Any issues encountered


In order to protect the company from various potential risks, a physical background check is considered an imperative Existing & New Employment verification step before making a hiring decision.

Most of the times, applicants are honest but some lies slip through the cracks and to catch those lies, you will need a professional to ensure that your company is hiring a right person, a background check is needed indeed.

Reasons for background check

  • Safeguard
  • Employee pilferage issues
  • Cost effective
  • Violent behavior

Key Background Check

  • Identity check
  • Address verification
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Personal & Professional references check
  • Company research

General benefits

  • You can ensure you’re hiring a qualified & eligible candidate
  • An employer can verify that they’re hiring an honest candidate
  • They have an experience with the employee verification
  • You can save a lot of precious time & energy