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About Us

VFAST is the fastest evolving verification product by FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd in India. We provide a compliant & robust background verification process to help large enterprises, small businesses, startup’s and individuals to build successful relationships with their applicants based on trust and safety.

But what's most exciting is that, with our latest technology-based applications will totally buyout the traditional verification market and we are the first company to take advantage of this new technology that is set to 10X the market in the coming years. Thus, VFAST is able to offer the fastest, cheapest, accurate, and most comprehensive reports, which will allow it to become India’s leading verification product.


We use a combination of human and machine-based resources to build trust among our customers. While using the latest and automated system to maintain the trust we do physical verification by reaching the desired location.


Our verification process is totally technology based, we use The latest technologies for the complete process and generate an authentic report.


In our system, in spite of the latest technologies, we assign a physical surveyor who goes to the desired location and can submit report only if he is 100 meters range of the target location.

  • Register Request

    Fill up the Verification Form

  • Payment

    Do the required payment for the respective service.

  • Surveyor Appointed

    Our system will automatically assign a surveyor for your request.

  • Report Generated

    After complete verification we'll generate an authentic report.



We introduce “Corporate Card” in our VFAST employer enrollment service. Through this card Employer can able to access their employee or would be employee verified details. This card makes employer recruitment hassle-free and easy. Now, an employer can hire a verified employee from this single card generated window.


We introduce “Green Card” in our VFAST employee enrollment service. Through this card you can able to access and utilize all the preserved documents, work details and ID proofs. That will be easy to carry and easy to access. Now, you will be able to carry all your documents, work details and ID proofs in this single card.


We introduce “Future Card” in our VFAST student enrollment service. Through this card you can able to access your all the preserved documents and certificate in the single card. That will be easy to carry and easy to access. Now, you will be able to carry all your documents and details in this single card.


Tenant Verification

Tenant Verification

Our verification services provides assurance that tenant is not involved in anti-social or illegal activities.

Company Verification

Company Verification

We advice our customers to verify before hiring any company as vendor, you must verify it otherwise it may lead to fraudulent.

Bride/Groom Verification

Bride/Groom Verification

We always advice our customers to check the credibility of bride/groom and their families before making a relationship for life.

Vehicle Verification

Vehicle Verification

We advice our customers to verify before buying because this could be stolen or can be the case of fraud.

Property Verification

Property Verification

We always advice every buyer to verify at VFast before investing his hard-earned money in long term investment such as property.

Contractor Verification

Contractor Verification

Verify to see if a business you are about to contract has an active registration, track every subcontractors associates with it.

Tenant Verification

Product Verification

It's important to understand the value of product verification before you buy any product because many customers,

Tenant Verification

Travel Verification

While traveling in a means of public transport, the odds favor the travel safety and incident-free trip.

Tenant Verification

Employee Verification

Employees represent a company and thus are an integral part of it. If you will hire the right employees, your company will move in the right direction.

MD Profile

Amarjeet Singh

Mr. Amarjeet Singh is a Managing Director and the Founder of FBIV Infocomm Pvt Ltd. He has recently launched the “VFAST” background verification services which are leading & evolving rapidly in the background verification industry. It's the first time that any background verification service is also available on the VFAST app (Android and IOS) for everyone and for an easy approach.

With the VFAST launch, he cleared his visions to become a leader in the background verification sector to provide fair, cutting edge, state of the art, comprehensive and foolproof services to everyone. VFAST provides Three Enrollments (Employer, Employee, and Students) and Nine Services (Tenant, Vehicle, Company, Bride & Groom, Company, Travel, Product, The Property, and Employee). We profoundly and thoroughly do the background verification of all the enrollments and services to provide the most accurate and comprehensive reports to every end user at fair and incredible prices.

From MD Corner:

I assure you that we are proficient of providing in fair and comprehensive services in the background verification sector. We have a team of vastly experienced and skilled managers who are effectual of professional verifiers trained to unravel any, task the highest level of confidentiality and trust. My entire team work under well-built administration, who is one of the innovators and of this vocation in India.

We provide optimum and foolproof verification services to make sure you get comprehensive reports and verification details. We are profoundly expertise in Tenant Verification, Vehicle Verification, Bride & Groom Verification, and many more services. We have started a new innovative program of enrollment for Employer, Employee and Student” for better vision of their future. We also going to start a “Review” segment for the same in our upcoming updates shortly. To accomplish that, employees of this company are heartily devoted to performing every project precisely, comprehensively and without extending the timeline. Before you invest in anything you must: -


Amarjeet Singh

Managing Director

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